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Failure is a Bastard, But Who’s the Bitch? (or: Investigator, Investigate Thyself)

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Inspired by A solar pariah had Republican parents, too (Dana Milbank, Washington Post 9/27/11), Solyndra’s ‘Republican paternity’ (Washington Monthly 9/27/11), Solyndra’s red herring (CNN Money 9/19/11), and Solyndra investors are sought for questioning in House inquiry (Los Angeles Times 9/20/11).


“Let’s follow the chain of events: (1) A major Solyndra investor donates to a certain presidential campaign. Lo and behold, a few years later, that President changes the loan program’s rules for the sole purpose of making Solyndra eligible, and then saw to it that Solyndra was picked as one of 16 finalists to receive funding; (2) That same Solyndra investor, contributes money to a certain Congressman, who then coincidentally sponsors legislation creating the alternative energy loan guarantee program that Solyndra would benefit from. (3) A number of Representatives and Senators from a certain party write letters to DOE to praise the program and support applications for loan guarantees. And guess what? They got them.” – Glenn Beck, diagramming the chain of events leading to Solyndra’s loan guarantee approval?


The DOE loan guarantee program may be a loser, as Repubs now claim,

But if it is, Bush and other Republicans deserve at least some of the blame.


Bush and Congressional Republicans created it

(That was back before they hated it).


GOP pols wrote letters asking for some of that loan guarantee money

(If their hypocrisy weren’t so sad, it would be funny).


Ironically, the GOP pols now jumping on the anti-Solyndra bandwagon

Were the same ones at the loan guarantee trough with their tails waggin’.


The program’s success won’t depend on whether one loan goes bad,

But on the multi-year record which the program will have had.


If the program succeeds, Repubs part of it’s success can claim.

If it fails, will they admit to any of the blame?


Glenn Beck never did the above analysis, and never will. Why not? Because the President in question was President Bush. The investor was Madrone Capital Partners, which is an investment fund associated with conservative Wal-Mart heir and billionaire Rob Walton and other Walton family members (coincidentally I’m sure, the right wing echo chamber hasn’t mentioned Madrone or the Waltons, preferring instead to focus on a “Democrat” investor, Argonaut Private Equity). The Waltons and Wal-Mart are heavy campaign contributors (Wal-Mart was the second largest contributor in 2004), almost exclusively to Republican politicians and causes (including then-President Bush’s reelection campaign).  The “corrupt Congressman” was Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), who has also received campaign contributions from Wal-Mart. Ironically, Joe Barton is now one of the leaders of the congressional probe of Solyndra’s ties to the Obama Administration. Do you think he’ll investigate Solyndra’s ties to the Bush Administration and Republicans too? And finally, for a list of some of the Republicans politicians who have (until the Solyndra “scandal” erupted) supported the DOE loan guarantee program and lobbied for their constituents to get some of the action, see Rep. Henry Waxman’s statement at the 9/23/11 Solyndra hearing.

Here’s what Glenn Beck actually had to say about Solyndra. The Obama Administration is “the most corrupt administration in our nation’s history”? Glenn even gets a dig in at the hated Van Jones. Glenn and company do acknowledge that Republicans received contributions from Solyndra-affiliated people, but dismiss that as a factor. Boy, there’s a lot of misinformation in there, but here’s a refutation to Glenn’s claim that the Bush Administration rejected Solyndra’s application. “All of these things are starting to come together.”

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Update 10/26/11: Here’s more from Waxman about the GOP’s selective investigation technique. He’s asking the House Energy and Commerce Committee to broaden the DOE loan program beyond renewable energy, since other projects are far larger (over $10 billion for two nuclear projects which DOE has conditionally approved), and have been the subject of signficant lobbying from members of Congress (I’m guessing more than a few Republicans). He’d also like the investigation to review the $267 million loan guarantee which Bush’s Department of Agriculture gave to broadband company Open Range, which then went bankrupt.

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