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Slow Recovery

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Inspired by Recovery from Western wildfires likely to take years (Dan Elliott and Susan Bryan,8/01/12 A2).  


“Obama made not have caused the wildfires, but he made them worse. And it’s obviously his fault that western forests haven’t recovered yet.” — Mitt Romney?


With apologies to Russell Long:


Don’t blame you,

Don’t blame me:

Blame Obama

For burning that tree.


And blame Obama

That it hasn’t grown back.

(Now let’s switch to a comparable

Economic attack.)


Ok, so maybe the fires themselves are not Obama’s fault. Or, maybe they are: after all, he didn’t “show leadership” on climate change. (That’s GOP code for “he didn’t overcome our obstruction to push through something that we opposed,” like Simpson-Bowles or immigration reform, “but which we are now nonetheless using as an example of his ineffectiveness.)

But even if the fires themselves aren’t Obama’s fault, it’s his fault they weren’t put out right away. (Why wasn’t he there fighting those fires in person?) And, it’s his fault that Western forests’ recovery is taking so long. Why hasn’t Obama single-handedly restored the disaster-response funding we cut and continue to block? Why haven’t those trees grown back yet? And speaking of trees, why hasn’t Obama personally replanted the trees we cut down for those strip mines? Why, it’s a full-scale attack on the American way of life!

What’s that you say? It would be absurd for Republicans to make those arguments, because they’re so patently and obviously untrue? Unlike the economic recession and slow recovery, which Republicans are completely justified in blaming on Obama…


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