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I’m Stupak (or, Bart is Back)

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

“This motion does not promote life.” – Bart Stupak on the House Floor speaking about the GOP motion to insert an anti-abortion poison pill into the reconciliation bill

There’s nothing like the fun

Or the return of a prodigal son.

Stupak has been brought back into the fold,

This time in support of both young and old,

Born and unborn babies, seniors, and everyone in between,

To beat back another GOP attempt, the majority to contravene.

GOP, the next time you try to speak in someone else’s name,

You should make sure that their opinion is still the same.


Here’s Stupak’s stirring speech in favor of healthcare reform.

Here’s Rep. Stupak’s press conference earlier today after his meeting and agreement with the President.

The title is an oblique reference to that all-time classic, Spartacus (see also our earlier post I’m Spartacus! for more on that). Here’s the big scene from that movie.

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