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Use the Force, Luke

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

A follow-up to Sneakers on the Ground and He Built That, inspired by Chris Hayes’ tribute to his OFA Field Organizer/State Director brother Luke.


Obama built a ground game without equal:

If you thought 2008 was good, then check out the 2012 sequel.

Sure, he had better ideas, and the truth on his side

(Versus the lies and hate from the Dark Side),

And the man’s charisma can’t be denied.


That all helped, but in the end what really mattered

And all previous political records shattered

Were the millions of campaign volunteer hours clocked

And many million phone calls and voter doors knocked.


Obama created a Force that still binds us,

As the daily Dashboard summary reminds us.

That Force permeated the campaign,

Creating energy staff and volunteers to sustain.


The Force was so strong in Luke, he went from Field Organizer

To State Director and trusted campaign advisor.

Once an apprentice, after many long days and nights,

He became one of Obama’s Jedi knights.


Should we keep that Force going longer

And let it continue to grow stronger?

The answer to that question is: of course.

So, Luke (and Mr. President): use the Force!


Here’s Chris’s 11/10/12 tribute to his brother Luke and other campaign volunteers. I was one of them and  witnessed the President’s unparalleled ground game from the inside. So here’s my plea to Luke, Chris (I know you volunteered in 2008), President Obama, and everyone else who worked on the campaign: we built this incredible tool, now let’s use it, both to advance individual policies, and to get more Dems elected in 2014, 2016, and beyond.


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And here, of course, is the inspiration for our title, the greatest original film series ever made. Mr. President, Luke, and other OFAers: you created a powerful Force that bound us together and will reshape political campaigning. So Mr. President, and Luke: Use That Force.

Coincidence that Luke’s light saber is blue and Vader’s is red? I think not.

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