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Beelzebubba (or, Mephistopheles in a Suit)

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Chris Matthews thinks our friend Newt

Is Mephistopheles in a suit.


The latest target of Newt’s verbal diarrhea

Is the supposed spread in America of Sharia.


Does Newt really believe the things he’s saying,

Or is this just some game he’s playing?


For a supposed intellectual, he sure spends lots of time in the gutter,

And I for one hope his campaign will quickly sputter.


The right is always mocking Obama for being intellectual,

So maybe Newt’s overcompensating by being mentally ineffectual.


Here’s Chris Matthews’ 9/21/10 “Let Me Finish” comment about Newt Gingrich’s increasingly diabolical invective.

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