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The Rickety House

Friday, July 11th, 2014


Inspired by The Crisis on the Border (Peggy Noonan, 7/11/14) and Peggy Noonan’s border nonsense: Her bizarre view of how “normal people” experience this crisis (Jim Newell, Salon 7/11/14). Tags: .

“It’s like you live in a house that’s falling apart. The roof needs to be patched and there are squirrels in the attic, a hornet’s nest in the eaves. The basement’s wet. The walkway to the front door is cracked with grass growing through it. The old boiler is making funny sounds. On top of that it’s always on your mind that you could lose your job tomorrow and must live within strict confines so you can meet the mortgage and pay the electric bill. You can’t keep the place up and you’re equal parts anxious, ashamed and angry. And then one morning you look outside and see . . . all these people standing on your property, looking at you, making some mute demand. Little children looking lost—no one’s taking care of them. Older ones settling in the garage, or working a window to the cellar. You call the cops. At first they don’t come. Then they come and shout through a bull horn and take some of the kids and put them in a shelter a few blocks away. But more kids keep coming! You call your alderman and he says there’s nothing he can do. Then he says wait, we’re going to pass a bill and get more money to handle the crisis. You ask, ‘Does that mean the kids will go home?; He says no, but it may make things feel more orderly. You call the local TV station and they come do a report on your stoop and then they’re gone, because really, what can they do, and after a few days it’s getting to be an old story.” – Peggy Noonan

If you’re going to malign America, and to a rickety house compare it,

Then why don’t you stop blocking Dems’ attempts to repair it!

Years of neglect have let our roads and bridges go to hell,

But our governmental systems are just as rickety as well.

Immigration reform would have fixed those holes in the roof and fence,

But today’s GOP defies common sense.

Republicans let the house get run down, and Dems have been trying to fix it,

But every time Dems come up with a solution, Repubs nix it.

They won’t even let attempts to fix the situation come up for a vote

(Hence the double hypocrisy of Ms. Noonan’s quote).

It’d be nice if Ms. Noonan would confess

That her old boss caused much of the mess.


Ms. Noonan campaigned for Bush the Younger, though she didn’t end up working in his administration as she had for Ronald Reagan and Bush the Elder. That’s relevant because Bush’s stewardship not only put our national “house” into its current decrepit state: he also signed the 2008 law that is the principle cause of the current border crisis (viz. In border crisis, Obama is accused of ‘lawlessness’ for following law, Dana Milbank, 7/09/14).


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