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The GOP’s Assault on Women

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

A follow-up to our earlier piece on the guns-abortion nexus, with links to my other recent pieces about the GOP assault on women’s rights

Anti-choicers aren’t even stopping to reload

As they the GOP to further restrictions on women goad.

They’ve come locked and loaded, with an extended magazine,

With a rapid-fire attack never before seen.

The Antis make remark after crazy remark,

Hoping that this time, they’ll hit their mark.

The assault’s the worst since the Roe era began:

They appear to want nothing less than a total ban.

And if women’s basic rights turns out to be unassailable,

They’ll settle for making abortion practically unavailable.

If you’re a woman, you’ve got a target on your back,

So defend yourself against their relentless attack.

Sign THIS PETITION right away:

Don’t let them take your rights away.


Can you be in Washington, DC on April 7? If so, click here to find out about and sign up for NARAL’s Pro-Choice Lobby Day.

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