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The Sanctity of War

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Inspired by the GOP/Neocon desire for more and bigger wars.


Republicans are against birth control and abortion

When it comes to reproductive rights,

But they’re also against those things

When it comes to military fights.


They believe that a war begins

Once conceived in a Neocon mind,

As opposed to the normal way

That the beginning of war is defined.


Once the idea and rationale

For a war is germinated,

That war must be started,

And can never be terminated.


(And preventing wars


Must be resisted



The country must be forced

To carry and bear that war,

Even when the people

Don’t want to anymore.


(Illegally created wars

Don’t merit an exception.

After all, a war can’t be blamed

For the means of its conception.)


Having terminated one disastrous unwanted war,

Obama now wants to prevent a new one.

Republicans, on the other hand,

Seem to want to renew one.


(Wars are always so cute when they’re small,

But a 13 year old war is no fun at all.)


Funny how Repubs say they believe

In human life’s sanctity and value,

Yet constantly find new ways

Actual lives to devalue.


But I guess it makes sense

(Or a little bit, maybe)

When you consider

That GWOT is their baby.


And when you believe

Wars are beautiful things

And that we should accept

Whatever wars nature brings…


Then each chance for war

Is a blessed event,

And trillions spent on war

Is always money well-spent.


So if we have a chance to fight another war,

We better.

After all, the more little GWOTs running around,

The better.


PS: Please note that I am not against taking action against ISIS in Syria, nor am I against the President’s plan to provide aid to moderate rebel groups in Syria (on the contrary, if anything, I tend to be more hawkish than President Obama). What I am against is the GOP mindset that seems to revel in the act of war itself and is constantly on the search for new and bigger wars for America to fight, as if wars were blessings (it does seem eerily similar to their opposition to family planning). Plus, I’m strongly against the GOP tendency to demonize Obama for everything bad that happens and attack him for whatever he does.


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