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Do What I Say, and I’ll Shoot (or: Forget ‘Click it or Ticket.’ South Carolina’s new seatbelt slogan is: ‘Get Caught and Get Shot’)

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Inspired by Dear White Folks, Please Stop Being So ‘Surprised’ When White Cops Shoot Unarmed Black People (Chauncey Devega, Daily Kos 9/29/14 08:34 PDT) and the Levar Jones shooting incident.


“Can I see your license please?” – South Carolina (white) state trooper Sean M. Groubert after stopping Levar Jones (black), right before shooting Jones when he reached into his car to get it; Groubert continued shooting even after Jones stumbled out of the car with his hands up and then fell to the ground


Why isn’t anyone in the media complaining

About the real cause of the South Carolina police shooting: bad training.


No, not Officer Groubert, of course.

All he did was exercise the usual level of violent force.


It was the Levar Jones who wasn’t properly trained

About what to do whenever he’s detained.


What was Jones’s near fatal mistake?

He didn’t the necessary precautions as a Black Man take!


Doesn’t he realize that a cop can shoot a Black Man at will,

And if you make any sudden moves, he will?


Doesn’t Jones know that when a Black Man is told to produce his license and registration,

He must still announce any movement in advance, and then move with extreme deliberation.


Jones made the mistake of assuming that the cop wouldn’t shoot him without reason.

Doesn’t he know that if you’re Black, it’s open season?


And if the shooting hadn’t been recorded on the cop’s dashboard cam,

None of Groubert’s bosses would’ve given a damn.


Of course, we could instead ask why the cop

Had his gun drawn during a routine traffic stop.


We could ask why the South Carolina state police are hiring

People who at the slightest non-provocation start firing.


We could ask why cops aren’t trained to stop shooting when their target’s hands are in the air.

(If you’re black, I guess they just don’t care.)


But it’s easier to focus on what Levar Jones did wrong

(Besides happening to the wrong race to belong).


Here’s the video.

Here’s your theme music for today, Hands Up by the Black Eyed Peas.


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