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Womb with a View (or: Mitt Reminisces about Made-up Memories in Milford Michigan)

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Inspired by Mitt Romney couldn’t have remembered Detroit milestone: he wasn’t born (The Star 2/27/12) and Mitt Romney Recalls Parade That Occurred Before He Was Born (Huffington Post 2/27/12) about Mitt Romney’s vivid memories of the auto industry’s 50 Year Golden Jubilee, even though it took place 9 months before he was born.


“I remember as a little boy… I think my dad had a job like being the grand master or whatever of the 50th celebration of the automobile in Detroit. They painted Woodward Avenue with gold paint (my memory is a little foggy here; I was probably four or something like that), and had the cars go down Woodward Avenue. I know they still have the parade of cars every year.” — Mitt Romney


The media’s up in arms and I just don’t know why

People claim Mitt Romney’s been caught in a lie.


Mitt fondly recalls an event nine months before he was born

(“The streets were painted gold, I could have sworn.”)


Mitt supports Personhood Amendments stating life begins at conception,

Which means what he said was in fact not a deception.


Mitt really was at Detroit’s Golden Jubilee,

You just would have needed an ultrasound to see.


So what Romney said really was true

(Talk about a womb with a view).


Here’s Mitt reminiscing about made-up memories in Milford, Michigan.
Here are some home movies from the Detroit Golden Jubilee in June 1946. What, no Mitt? He’s there, alright—you just need an ultrasound to see him.

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