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Thursday, November 26th, 2009

In memory of those who died November 26-29, 2008 in the terrorist attack on Mumbai, India carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba.

On Nov. 26, 2008,

Ten men filled with hate

Terrorized this city fair

(I should know – I’ve been there).


The killers were from Pakistan,

In their twenties, to a man.

Pumped up with steroids, coke, and ideology,

Prepared to kill everyone they’d see.


The spoke to handlers in Pakistan by mobile phone,

They who the attack did plan and condone,

They who sent forth the unholy death squad

To kill innocents in the name of God.


One group went to the Chhatrapati train station

Where they began their abomination.

They opened fire with AK-47s in the passenger area,

Killing 52 people in the name of Sharia.


At the Leopold Café, locals and tourists enjoyed drinks and food,

Not expecting the carnage that ensued.

Attackers turned the scene into one of blood and gore,

Killing 10 and injuring many more.


In the Taj Mahal hotel, hostages were collected.

Just shoot them now” the safely ensconced handler directed.

The terrorist was initially reluctant, but then complied.

Shouts of joy and applause were heard on the phone as they died.


The Nariman House was also struck

By this group of cruel killers running amok.

Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, his pregnant wife, and six others were killed

Was that Allah’s will being fulfilled?

The Holtzbergs’ two year child and his nanny escaped,

His future forever by that day reshaped.


Two of those killed were from near DC,

A father and his 13 year old daughter, which most affected me.

I have two daughters close to that age.

What kind of people war on children wage?


They were in the lobby café at the Oberoi Trident hotel.

When the shooting started, they and their companions to the ground fell.

When the slaughter was over, their friends learned father and daughter were both dead.

They’d each been executed by a bullet to the back of the head.

Throughout the city, gunshots and explosions rang out

As the killers left a wake of death and destruction on their route.

They smiled as they killed, as if on a Sunday outing,

Oblivious to all the screaming and shouting.


The gunmen killed 164 people and wounded 308;

How can the world survive with so much hate?

They were all innocent, all 164.

Thank God that there weren’t even more.


Many of the victims were also tortured.

God knows what pain they at the killers’ cruel hands endured.

But that cruelty is exceeded by

Those who sent the assassins to kill and die.


After four days, the bloodshed ended

God, whom the killers sought to please, was instead offended.

They’ll get no 72 virgins as their reward,

Just the justice of a righteous Lord.


All the gunmen were killed except for one,

Now being held in a high security prison.

A group of enablers and planners were also arrested.

With evidence so strong their guilt can’t be contested.


Is there a lesson in this that we can learn,

Some deeper meaning we can discern,

Some way to counter such evil men,

Some way to keep this from happening again?


Yes, we must destroy such evil when it raises its head–

That’s the least we owe to the living and the dead.

We must root out those who plan and support terror

And stop such tragedies before they occur.


But most important are changes that Islam itself must complete

It’s own radical factions to defeat.

They offer only violence and hate,

The Prophet’s teachings to desecrate.


Human beings are after all both good and evil

(In that we haven’t made much progress since times Medieval).

All too often we justify the wrong we do

By saying it’s what God commands us to.


I believe that the God who looks on us all from above

Is uniquely and completely a God of Love.

Whoever commits hateful acts in God’s name

Covers himself and his Faith with shame.


The world’s three great monotheistic traditions

Are at their core peaceful religions.

Any contrary violent version

Is nothing but an blasphemous perversion.


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