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Gentle Ben (or, Of Bull and Bears)

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A follow up to Grand Old Slumber Party, inspired by GOP blockade of bank bill may be breaking up (Washington Examiner 4/29/10).

“They keep stalling and they keep stalling. And it appears that they’re more concerned about taking care of the fat cats on Wall Street than they are the people who aren’t so fat, the people who have been hit so hard, the consumers of America.” – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (talking about Republicans, but the same applies to some Blue Dog Dems…)
“There are a lot of people back home worried about the government overreaching and so you can expect people are very pleased we are not moving forward without something that is bipartisan.” – Sen. Ben Nelson (“D”-Nebraska)


Being captive to financial interests is mostly a GOP thing,

But there are also a few Blue Dogs that similarly swing.

Ben Nelson (about whom we’ve written before)

Is a primary example (read this earlier post for a few more).

By “back home,” Ben is referring to the many financial firms HQ’d in his state

Because of the favorable climate lax Nebraska laws create.

The “people” who are “very pleased we are not moving forward”

Are those very big bankers who find any regulation so untoward.


It’s a sure tip-off about that Dems are captive

When try “bipartisanship” as a reason for inaction to give.

So when Nelson starts saying he wants a bipartisan bill,

His “people” get the benefit of inaction with his taking political heat for the kill.


I’m all for kinder and gentler, as Bush I used to say,

But being gentle with banks doesn’t mean always letting them get their own way.

In the short term, such laxness may help the Wall Street bull,

But the claim that it helps the country as a whole is just so much bull.


It was lack of regulation that caused the recession, you may recall.

And “bearly” regulating isn’t much better than not regulating at all.


Here’s Rachel’s 4/27/10 report.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s a clip from the old TV series from which this post takes its name, Gentle Ben (it was also recentlty remade as a two part movie). Like his ursine namesake, one would expect Senator Nelson to be less gentle with the “people” he’s supposed to be regulating.

And here’s your theme music for today, Nebraska (from the album of the same name) by the great Bruce Springsteen.



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