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Overreach and Deceipt

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Inspired by Former Va. Gov. McDonnell and wife charged in gifts case ( 1/21/14 21:17).


“We did not violate the law, and I will use every available resource and advocate I have for as long as it takes to fight these false allegations, and to prevail against this unjust overreach of the federal government.” – former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell statement released this afternoon
“The federal government’s decision to use these deceitful tactics in order to prosecute a popular and successful Republican Governor immediately upon his leaving office is disgraceful, violates basic principles of justice, and is contemptuous of the citizens of Virginia who elected him.” — McDonnell’s attorneys
“I will use every available resource and advocate that I have for as long as it takes to fight and prevail against these false allegations and the unjust overreach of the federal government.” – former Gov. McDonnell at press conference this evening


Dear former Governor McDonnell:


I get that you want to play the “federal government overreach” card—

Being criminally indicted makes civilian life pretty hard.


Your TeaParty supporters are always strongly inclined

To climb aboard when the federal government is maligned.


I’m sure the right-wing media wont’ take long to pick up on that theme,

As part of it’s Obama-and-Holder-are-corrupt meme.


(They’re black men who don’t look like they should be in charge,

And shouldn’t have the power, important whites with crimes to charge.)


But it’s not Holder who indicted you and your wife,

It’s a federal prosecutor who’s been a civil servant for most of his life.


Dana Boente started in 1984 as an attorney for the “federal government,”

Back when Ronald Reagan was President.


He’s been a civil servant since then, rising up through the ranks

In a way that shouldn’t upset even the crankiest TeaParty cranks.


He was appointed by W. as the First Assistant U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of VA,

Where he’s the Acting U.S. Attorney today.


So why do you and your lawyers keep saying “federal government” instead of prosecutor?

That’s basic if you want to be a right-wing legitimacy disputer.


The U.S. Attorney is a non-political law enforcement job,

So that title doesn’t have the negative connotation you wanted, Bob.


Saying a federal prosecutor indicted you makes your situation sound bad,

But the words “federal government overreach and deceit” make you a hero, and Tea Partiers mad.


With a case like this, you’re lucky you weren’t impeached.

Sorry Bob, but you seem to be the one who overreached.


Here’s Rachel’s 1/21/14 report (Bob’s quote is at the 16”55 mark).

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