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The Real Superbowl

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Inspired by Americans grapple with income inequality (AP via 1/31/14) and  Income inequality slows economic recovery for everyone, study says (Mike Fletcher, Washington Post 1/25/14 page A4).


Two teams out of 32 go in,

And of those two, only one can win.


31 teams are left in the dirt.

Who says losing doesn’t hurt?


For decades, the NFC dominated the annual match-up,

Until finally the AFC started to catch up.


Since 2008, the two conferences have reached parity,

Which has contributed to the Big Games’s popularity.


Overall, the NFC slightly leads the AFC with 25 wins to 22,

But what if that weren’t true?


What if the trend was completely reversed

And the AFC always came in first?


What if for the last 47 years, the AFC had won all 47 times

And the NFC didn’t even come close to winning sometimes?


What if people increasingly believed the game was unfair?

Would they still about it’s outcome care?


What if the AFC owners controlled the rule-making process

And used that power, the NFC’s chances for winning to suppress?


What if the AFC owners hired the referees

And punished calls they disagreed with by docking salaries?


What if everyone came to believe the game was fixed

And the controlling powers any changes nixed?


Would people still want to watch the Big Game,

Or would it become the “Superbowl” only in name?


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