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Two 9-11s

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Inspired by Deadly Benghazi attack could mar Clinton legacy (Ann Gearan, Washington Post 10/10/12 A1), State Dept. faces GOP ire (Anne Gearan, Washington Post 10/11/12 A1), Security lapses indeed (Dana Milbank, Washington Post 10/11/12 A2), and Darrel Issa’s hearings yesterday attacking the Obama Administration for the attacks in Benghazi


“Al Qaeda determined to strike Benghazi consulate.” – title of Aug. 6, 2012 Presidential Daily Brief?
“Anyone who attacks the President now so soon after such an attack is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” — Dick Cheney (paraphrased)


There actually was no 8/06/12 PDB,

Or call for solidarity from anyone in the GOP.


Instead, Republicans went on the attack,

Starting immediately after the attack.


Oh, how quickly they the past forget

When they see a chance, political advantage to get.


Four American deaths is bad, but how about a thousand times more,

Which Republicans don’t seem to remember anymore.


Remember the hearings onOct. 10, 2001

Blaming George W. Bush for what the terrorists had done?


No, you don’t, because there weren’t any,

Even though Bush’s mistakes were many.


In spite of Bush’s incompetence, Dems rallied around,

As opposed to today’s Repubs who the President hound.


They held their public hearing right before an election–

The timing can’t be just a coincidental connection.


They view Benghazi is a twofer for the GOP,

A chance to attack both Obama and Hillary.


(They hope their “investigation” will yield fruit for both 2012 and 2016,

As well as the Congressional election in between.)


They attack with such hypocritical surety–

After House Repubs cut $459 million dollars from diplomatic security.


It’s too bad Repubs only care about government employees’ lives

When the opportunity to politically profit from their deaths arrives.


Here’s Rachel’s 10/10/12 report, including some video from the hearing. As usual, Chairman Issa is up to his old tricks, excluding Dems from the process and illegally denying them access to hearing-related materials.

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Here’s Rep. Chaffetz 10/10/12 on CNN attempting to justify the House Repub diplomatic security cuts (click here to read about his “fact-finding trip” to Libya).

Here’s Chris Jansing’s 10/11/12 report. As Amb. P.J. Crowley notes, “clearly, the timing of this hearing was political.”


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