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DeMinty Julep (or: Senator, You Already Do Own It)

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Inspired by Jim DeMint’s patriotism.


“If we vote for this plan, we’ll own the economy with the President, and he desperately need someone else to blame it on. If we vote against it, he’s going to say Congress  blocked his ability to create jobs.” – Sen. Jim DeMint
 “Julep: A sweet syrupy drink, especially one to which medicine can be added.” –


In Senator Jim DeMint’s defense,

What he says makes no sense.


In fact, Senator, the opposite is true,

Because the Great Recession still belongs to you.


It’s Republican governance and policy that caused it,

And Obama’s stimulus that temporarily paused it.


It was Republican obstruction that made that stimulus less effective and too small,

So for you to blame the recession on Obama shows unmitigated gall.


It turns out the recession was much worse than we thought before,

And since that stimulus wasn’t enough, now we need more.


Even if it doesn’t work, the spending you decry won’t be for nothing

(Except in the eyes of those who think the government should do nothing).


Those bridges, roads, and schools desperately need to be repaired.

How is that the “wasteful government spending” of which you’re so scared?


Like I said, if you’re smart you’ll approve Obama’s plan as is,

Then if there’s still recession in 2012, it’ll really be his.


All you have to do is say “we disagree and think you’re wrong,

But we’ll give you a chance and go along.”


If there’s no recovery, you can say “we told you so,”

And if there is you can say “we helped, you know.”


Most of the plan’s tax cuts (which Republicans have never before nixed);

The rest is preventing teacher layoffs, and infrastructure that urgently needs to be fixed.


If any government spending’s justified, that fits the bill.

So Mr. DeMint:

Pass this bill.


But thank you, Senator, for your frank confession

That your goal’s to ensure Obama gets blamed for the recession.


Sure, the way you say it sounds so syrupy sweet,

But that hides the bad policy medicine of crumbling concrete.


It sheds new light on why Republicans are so loath

To do anything that might promote jobs or economic growth.


Here’s Hardball 9/15/11 panel discussion about GOP opposition to the President’s jobs plan (Mr. DeMint’s statement is at the 1”20 mark). Forget the fact that he’s wrong: even if he wasn’t, what does it say about Republicans that they care more about blaming Obama for the recession than they do about fixing the economy.

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