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Spot the Illegals

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Inspired by Protests turn back buses carrying illegal immigrant children ( 7/02/14).


Can you spot the “illegals”

In the picture above

And identify the group

They’re part of?


No, it’s not the kids

Sitting on the bus:

It’s the people who won’t let them pass

Because they’re not “like us.”


They’re the only ones

Whose presence is unlawful

(Not to mention

Morally awful).


By blocking the road

They are acting illicitly,

While U.S. law lets the kids

Be there explicitly.


The kids reached our border

And gave themselves up,

And now they’re here legally

Waiting for their cases to come up.


The protesters,

On the other hand,

Don’t seem this fact

To understand.


They’re the ones

Who are in the wrong.

They’re the ones who should

Go back where they belong.


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