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Not Illeagles…OR Illegals

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Inspired by Graffiti on proposed shelter for immigrant children in Maryland: ‘No illeagles here.’ ( 7/14/14).


Here’s a trivia question

That’s not trivial at all:

How many of those kids on the border

Are breaking U.S. law?


The answer might

Be a surprise

To the hate-filled right-wingers

Who those kids despise.


It’s not the 57,000 number

They like to bandy about

And whip themselves

Into a frenzy about.


No, this right-wing rant

Has one major flaw:

None one of those kids

Is breaking U.S. law.


They reached our border

And gave themselves up,

And now they’re here legally

Waiting for their cases to come up.


(The law that gives them that right

About which Republicans are now so vehement

Was signed by George W. Bush

With unanimous GOP agreement.)


That means “illeagles” isn’t just

A spelling mistake:

Those kids did not

U.S. law break.


So even though right-wingers seem

The definition of “illegal” to have forgot,

Don’t call those kids “illegals” (or “illeagles”),

Because they’re not.


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