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Don’t Say Yes to the Oppress

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

A follow up to Breaking Up and, inspired by the new GOP “Say Yes to the Dress” women-wooing commercials.


Repubs think that getting women to say yes to the dress

Will make them forget how much Repubs females oppress.


They want single women to view the local Repub as their mate,

So they can get busy and procreate.


Of course, once you marry, that husband will demand your total submission

And he’ll have the right to make every decision.


But don’t worry—he’ll only be doing what’s best for you,

And someday you’ll understand that too.


(If Repubs think women this crap will believe,

They must think women are pretty superficial and naïve.)


Here’s Stephen Colbert’s 10/14/14 report (be sure to check out his commercial at the end).

Here’s a scene from the original Say Yes to the Dress.

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