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NOM that Tune

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Inspired by Message to Maggie Gallagher: Associating With Bigots Does Make You a Bigot (Huffington Post 6/28/10), Changing Their Tune on Gays: Leading marriage equality opponents insist they are pro-procreation, not anti anything ( 7/21/10), Is Maggie Gallagher a bigot? ( 9/15/10), and the recently launched

“We are not anti-gay. We are pro-family.” – longtime Mormon patriarch Gordon Hinckley (in additoin to the Mormons also have a big role in NOM)

“It is not our goal in this campaign to attack the homosexual lifestyle or to convince gays and lesbians that their behavior is wrong — the less we refer to homosexuality, the better. We are pro-marriage, not anti-gay.” – Prop 8 campaign activist training document

“The couple, Ray and Tommy, have nothing to do with it. I wish them the best. This is about how the government is going to define marriage and it’s going to define it for all of us.” —  NOM Founder and President Maggie Gallagher

“Gay marriage advocates believe there isn’t any difference between two men in a sexual union and a husband and wife, and those of us who see this difference are blinded by hatred and prejudice. They delegitimize opponents, brand us as haters, and then try to strip us of our rights.” – more Maggie

Knowing overt homophobia to their cause is detrimental,

Marriage equality opponents try to appear kind and gentle.

I don’t know about you,

But I don’t think it’s true:

Their anti-gay views aren’t accidental.

The National Organization for Marriage is one example

(Read their website for a rhetorical sample).

It may sound bizarre,

But according to their PR,

They don’t mean on gay rights to trample.

NOM says the ones who want to take rights away

Are those in favor of letting marriage go gay.

NOM is in the civil rights protection biz

(At least according to how their PR whiz

NOM would like to portray).

NOM’s pronouncements have a familiar refrain,

Based on which one their true feelings can ascertain.

They try to cover up their fear and loathing

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing,

To expose which there’s now a campaign.

Don’t let their PR your attention transfix–

Check out and learn their tricks.

HRC and others their resources have pooled

So the general public won’t be fooled

When Maggie Gallagher NOM’s goals depicts.

They sing the same old song again and again—

Don’t let girls marry girls or men marry men.

“Traditional” marriage must be defended

Or Western Civilization will be ended

(At least, according to them).

Please, NOM, prove us all wrong

And come up with a different song.

(But if you want to change your tune,

You’d better do it soon:

Given demographics, your supporters won’t be around long.)

Instead of the anti-gay policies you currently endorse,

Why not combat an actual threat to marriage: divorce.

Push for policies that give

A stronger marriage incentive

And reduce the threat to marriage at its source.

Better yet, prove your PR’s real

By coming out in favor of DADT’s repeal.

That would help support the claim

That you’re not anti-gay only in name,

And your supposed non-discriminatory side reveal.

Or is your PR all for show

And the anti-gay tune the only one you know?

That old game show to quote,

I can name that tune in just one note:

It just happens to be our theme song below.


Here’s your theme song, Homophobia by Romanovsky & Phillips.


Here’s the email from HRC that went out today (if you didn’t get it, click here to get on their mailing list).

From: Joe Solmonese, Human Rights Campaign []
Sent: September 28, 2010 2:02 PM
Subject: Secrets and lies: NOM Exposed!
Are you tired of the National Organization for Marriage, a.k.a. NOM, putting on a mask of tolerance for the media?
Are you sick of their claim that they speak for a majority of Americans – while they support extreme anti-gay zealots and keep their donors secret?
Well, we are. And today, along with our friends at the Courage Campaign, we’re launching a website that pulls back the curtain on NOM for everyone to see.
NOM Exposed uncovers shocking secrets so people can get the real facts as NOM throws its weight around in race after race this election cycle. We’ll post up-to-the-minute dirt on NOM over the coming months and years, so bookmark the site and come back often.
Check out our new site – then add your name to the “NOM Doesn’t Speak for Me” petition and help spread the truth!
NOM recently released a slick new ad on behalf of Tom Emmer, the candidate for governor of Minnesota with ties to a group that condoned the execution of gays. The ad disguises NOM’s anti-LGBT agenda behind a fake claim of protecting civil rights.
NOM even had the gall to compare itself to Martin Luther King, Jr., flashing images of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.
It’s a flagrant distortion of reality – the latest in a history of deception since NOM opened for business during the Prop. 8 campaign. is about spreading truth. We’ve spent months digging into NOM’s funding, shady ties, ethics violations, and more. We created this site so that every time someone searches for NOM – voters, elected leaders, reporters – they’ll get the real story. They’ll find out that:
  • Brian Brown, NOM’s President, has said that “allowing gay marriage is akin to allowing polygamous marriage.”
  • Not to be outdone, NOM founder Maggie Gallagher has said same-sex marriage is worse than polygamy.
  • NOM has close ties to the powerful and secretive right-wing religious group Opus Dei.
  • Robert George, the “reigning brain of the Christian right” and Chairman of NOM’s board co-authored the Federal Marriage Amendment that would have written anti-gay discrimination into the U.S. Constitution. He also believes that repealing antiquated laws banning sodomy will lead to incest.
  • To hide its political activities, NOM has blatantly flouted campaign finance laws.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve tracked NOM’s financial ties, showing how huge, secret donations have swelled its budget from $500,000 to $10 million in just three years. We’ve connected the dots to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church.
Now we need your help to get the word out – share shocking facts on Facebook and Twitter or spread the truth by simply passing this email along.
If you believe that strong families aren’t about “straight” or “gay” but about love and commitment; if you’re a person of faith; if you’re straight or LGBT, married, partnered or single – add your name and say “NOM Doesn’t Speak for Me.” We’ll share this petition with officials and the media in states where NOM is at work.
Visit – add your name, and share the truth with friends and family.
We’ve called NOM out before, whether revealing the audition tape for “Gathering Storm” or alerting the press to their lies. But NOM Exposed goes deep into the organization’s roots and represents a commitment to keep tabs on their activity and connect the dots for voters.
NOM wants to claim the middle ground. But people don’t know who they really are. We are not going to sit by and let them dictate the terms of the debate. We’re going to expose the lies – not just today, but every day.
Won’t you join us?
Joe Solmonese

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