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He Says, She Won’t Say

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

A follow-up to Split Personality and The Cain Mutiny, inspired by Herman Cain’s announcement this afternoon.

“I will not be one of  those people who will stand up on stage with a smile and knowing that you were wrong. I’m not gonna do that, so you know not to do anything wrong because you will be there by yourself.” – Gloria Cain in11/17/11 interview with Greta Van Susteren


“Gloria… Gloria… Gloria.” – crowd chanting for Gloria Cain to speak during Cain campaign suspension announcement (she didn’t)


Herman Cain keeps saying that his wife is behind him.

If he forgot she can speak for herself, maybe she should remind him.


Herman keeps quoting her over and over,

Even when he announced that his campaign was over.


The crowd repeatedly called out her name,

Asking her to come forward to bolster his claim.


Is Gloria Cain’s silence his choice, or hers?

Why didn’t she come forward to say she concurs?


Could her silence mean she only partially agreed

To stand by her man in his moment of need?


She didn’t confirm his statements and stand by his side,

But at least she didn’t publicly say that he’d lied.


Here’s your theme music, Gloria by the great Van Morrison and Them.


Here’s Herman Cain’s campaign suspension announcement (notice the crowd chanting for Gloria at the 2”30 mark). In Cain’s defense, his wife Gloria was with him on the stage and did clap at appropriate points in Herman’s speech.


Here’s Gloria Cain’s 11/14/11 Greta Van Susteren interview (the quote about standing by his side is at the 8” mark).


I wish that the accusations against Cain weren’t true, and if untrue, had never been made, mostly for Gloria Cain’s sake. She seems to be a good woman who doesn’t deserve any of what she’s having to endure. If the accusations against her husband are false, that is indeed reprehensible. But unfortunately, I think that the overwhelming preponderance of evidence is that they’re true.


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