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The Bear to Right Arms (or: The Only Thing that Could’ve Stopped this Good Woman is a Grandpa with a Gun)

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Inspired by Quick Thinking Neighbor Saves Boys From Bear ( 10/03/14 14:47).


“He doesn’t know who this person is driving up to the house yelling at my kids ‘get into the car.’ She physically picked them up and threw them into the car. Before he was going to tackle her, we finally heard her scream ‘bear , bear.’” – A Montana mom whose kids were saved by a neighbor from a marauding bear, describing how the boys’ grandfather almost tackled the neighbor to stop her from “kidnapping” the kids


Thank God that Grandpa wasn’t carrying,

Or we might have the helpful neighbor (and kids) been burying.


He wanted to protect his grandkids from being harmed,

But he might have shot her (and them), if he’d been armed.


He could’ve easily started shooting, thinking the kids were in danger,

Being forced to get into a car by a stranger.


He could have shot the neighbor and even a kid

Instead of trying to tackle her as he almost did.


Nothing’s quicker than a gun,

Especially an old man trying to run.


But sometimes that speed leads to a deadly error,

When a mistake is made by an arms-bearer.


They stopped Grandpa from tackling the neighbor in time,

But if he’d had a gun, would they have had time?


With so many shootings by older white men,

Let’s be thankful that tragedy didn’t happen again.


If there’s a gun in your house,

It’s much more likely to be used on you than someone else.


And the odds that you or your family will be attacked by a bear?

Much lower than shooting a kid or grandkid with the arms that you bear.


Here’s the news report.

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