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Obama’s Failure?

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Inspired by Obama’s failure to lead (Robert Samuelson, Washington Post 1/01/13, page A15).


You blame Obama for not being adequately tough,

But he has in fact said what you said he hasn’t said enough.


He’s not only said it: he’s offered to do it;

Repubs had multiple chances, but repeatedly blew it.


I’m not sure why

You mention chained CPI.


Obama has offered to do that twice,

And it wasn’t just that he was trying to be nice.


Of course he realizes what needs to be done,

And has told America many times it won’t all be fun.


He saved Medicare $500 billion in 2010,

And look how Republicans responded then.


They falsely called that a Medicare benefit cut,

When it was in reality anything but.


And the GOP has now twice walked away

From a grand bargain that would put entitlement reform in play.


Mr. Samuelson, it would be nice if you instead called out the GOP:

They seem the real failed leaders to me.


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