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The Conspiracy Factor

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Inspired by the right-wing echo chamber’s explanation that the whole Sandra Fluke thing is a White House-orchestrated conspiracy.


“The Factor believes that the Sandra Fluke controversy was manufactured to help the Obama administration politically.” – Bill O’Reilly


The right-wing echo chamber has settled on a new counter-attack:

Sandra Fluke is a secret White House flack.


She and Obama planned this all along,

And convinced Darrell Issa and Rush Limbaugh to go along.


This shows just how gullible Fox et. al. think people are on the Right.

The sad thing is, they’re probably right.


While Papa Bear seems to be laying it on a little think,

Righties do constantly worry they’re falling prey to a trick.


For the better-informed, this criticism would be a non-starter,

But Teabaggers constantly worry their opponents are smarter.


Here’s The Ed Show’s3/09/12 report on the new Sandra Fluke conspiracy theory. Former White House communications director Anita Dunn’s firm is now (as of this week) representing Sandra Fluke. This somehow proves the White House has planned everything from the start.

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