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Payoffs and Layoffs

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Inspired by the Romney campaign’s new Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs commercial (read Romney’s next salvo targets Obama’s ‘political payoffs’ for more about the new GOP theme).


President Roosevelt claims to be fighting to protect human dignity and freedom, but look at all the people he has killed. I am the true protector of human dignity and freedom.” – Adolf Hitler 
President Truman has implemented a draconian policy of state control of the economy. He is destroying economic freedom, and must be stopped.” – Joseph Stalin
President Ford has embarked on a cruel and violent campaign to rid the United States of his political enemies the likes of which has never been seen before. All civilized nations should join me in condemning him.” – Pol Pot
President Johnson is doing a horrible job on human and civil rights. Look at the discrimination that African-Americans continue to suffer from. That’s why you should elect me President instead.” – Klu Klux Klan wizard Samuel Bowers in 1968
“When billions upon billions of dollars are given by the Obama Administration to the businesses of campaign contributors, that’s a real problem, particularly at a time when the middle class is really suffering in this country.” – Mitt Romney this morning on Fox and Friends


As a political poet, I commend the Romney campaign

For their rhyming counter-assault to Bain.


But though lyrically appealing

And of Romney’s own weakness revealing,

This projective attacking

Is in factual basis lacking.


If Obama were making policy to maximize political donations,

Then he, like Mitt, would trumpet tax cuts for the rich and no regulations.

And does Mitt think we’ll believe Obama’s the one who likes to fire people

When Obama’s spent the last 3.5 years trying to get businesses to hire people?


As usual, Mitt and his proxies are pure partisan phonies.

Has there ever been a candidate more in bed with his economic cronies?

Has there ever been a candidate more overjoyed

To add to the ranks of the unemployed?


Mitt, whether it’s your years at Bain or Dine with Donald fundraising dinner,

When it comes to layoffs and payoffs, you’re the clear winner.


Here’s Mitt’s new “Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs” commercial, followed by Romney this morning on Fox and Friends. The ad has already been removed from Romney’s website and Youtube due to a “copyright claim,” but you can still watch it in this Fox News report. I have to say, I think the Romney commercial is pretty lame, especially when you compare it to the far superior Obama commercial (also below) it’s meant to counter.

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