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Breaking It Down

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Inspired by Breaking it down – $840 million for the Obamacare website ( 8/07/14).


Dear BankruptingAmerica:


I get that you and Fox News are thrilled

That cost $840 million to build.


It gives you a chance to scream and shout,

And something to attack Obama about.


But that cost is nothing

compared to what the website produces:


More competition, which improves quality and the price reduces.

People aren’t forced to shop on the Obamacare website:


It’s a better way to buy insurance whether you’re on the left or right. had over $30 billion in first-year sales,


Which hardly ranks it among history’s fails.

It took Amazon 16 years to reach that revenue level,


Yet you in‘s supposed failure revel.

Obama created something, and you want to break it down.


He built something, and you want to take it down.

You want to destroy it, with nothing to replace it.


It’s free market competition: you should embrace it! revolutionized the industry, and is helping millions.


It will generate revenues by the hundreds of billions.


Soon, even Republicans will have to confess

That was a giant success.


And as soon as Republicans realize it,

That’s when they’ll try to privatize it.


Just remember when it comes to that:

President Barack Obama built that.


Quick back-of-the-envelope calculation: $328 average monthly premium * 12 months * 8 million sign-ups = $31.5 billion. Private sector corporations would kill for that kind of revenue. In comparison, Amazon now has $74 billion in revenue after being in business for almost 20 years, and took 16 years to reach $34 billion. Is the Obamacare website a failure because it accomplished that in its first partial (and problem-filled) year? Over the next 10 years, will generate hundreds of billions of dollars in business. If revenue grows a meager 8.5% per year, the website will generate revenue of over half a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. $840 million is nothing.


Unless, of course, you’re very, very small-minded.


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