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Friday, October 12th, 2012

Shots were fired at an Obama campaign office earlier today. Thankfully, no one was hurt…yet.


 “Is there a person-of-interest or a vehicle-of-interest or any other leads that you can tell us you’re pursuing on this?.” – Rachel tonight
“@Rachel: The drive-by “vehicle-of-interest” is apparently a bus with letters R-O-M (& sev’l more) on side” – Newsericks Tweet


I kid, but I don’t.

I should restrain myself, but I won’t.


It’s no joking matter: actions like this can kill,

And unless we do something, they invariably will.


A drive-by is easier than shooting someone face-to-face:

You just spray gunfire as you’re driving by their place.


It’s easier to psychologically ignore the link

And not about the harm you’re causing think.


You’re shooting at a building, not a real person—

It’s so much easier than killing someone in person.


If someone is hit and killed, that’s just bad luck–

It’s not your fault they were there, and didn’t duck.


That’s especially true if more than one person is shooting,

Thus the individual responsibility further diluting.


And then, you all just drive away,

Not seeing the full harm you caused today.


The same is true about a political attack

When words are said that can’t be taken back.


You don’t feel like you killed someone when pulling the trigger,

Even though your words may that result trigger.


What Pelosi said in 2009 is today even more true:

When an unstable person hears your words, you don’t know what they’ll do.


Sowing seeds of hate may make your base excited,

But what about the people potentially incited?


You may not see them as you drive by on your bus,

But the ones getting shot could be any of us.


Here’s Rachel’s 10/12/12 report (the quote is at the 1”30 mark).

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