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Del-Aware (or, No Duh DE)

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I have to admit that I occassionally get a little fatalistic,

But the people Rachel interviewed in Delaware make me optimistic.

They haven’t been suckered by any of the lies

Spread by the GOP and their corporate allies.

They’re aware of what’s at stake

If Republicans control of Congress retake.

They understand what’ll happen

If voters spend November 2 nappin’.

In the meantime, Christine O’Donnell remains under cover.

If she’s attended any public events, it’s nothing Rachel could discover.

Nor was anyone from her campaign willing to meet.

Getting elected without appearing in public is quite a feet.


Here’s Rachel’s 10/05/10 live-from-Deleware report, with some excellent comments by regular people.

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