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A Debate Fit for a King? (or: Let’s Not Forget the Real SCGOP Experience)

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Inspired by SCGOP Experience Weekend & Presidential Debate (SCGOP press release 12/01/11).


“January 14th, 15th, and 16th will mark three of the most important days in the 2012 Presidential nominating calendar. In scenic Myrtle Beach, our Republican Presidential candidates will begin the final countdown to South Carolina Republicans once again picking the Republican nominee for President. The eyes of the world will watch as the SCGOP partners with Fox News to host this important debate just five days before our Presidential Primary. We encourage all South Carolinians to join us in this historic weekend, as there will be opportunities for everyone. The weekend will include many events with free admission, a charity golf tournament, a 7th Congressional District candidate debate, vendor exhibits, a concert, and the Presidential debate. We look forward to making the weekend a true ‘SCGOP Experience’ for all who attend.” — SC Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly


“There’s no better way to celebrate Dr. King than to do something on behalf of others.” – President Obama, inaugurating his own Day of Service by volunteering at a community service project in DC


Republicans are honoring Martin Luther King Day

By holding the South Carolina GOP debate today.


State Republicans have been working hard to create

An event-filled weekend culminating in the debate.


It’s been packaged and promoted as the “SCGOP Experience,”

The goal of which seems to be to forget the state’s racist experience.


Instead of celebrating Dr. King, state Repubs are celebrating themselves.

Isn’t the idea of a Day of Service to think of someone besides ourselves?


(As made clear in the press release by the SCGOP head,

They’ve made today a Day of Self Service instead.)


The only event honoring King is a lunch at the Sheraton,

A minuscule gesture considering the historical damage done.


Given the South Carolina GOP’s racist history,

How they think this adequately honors Dr. King is a mystery.


It’s like holding a KKK rally to commemorate Dr. King–

The “honor” doesn’t particularly of honest respect ring.


(South Carolina was also the very last state

MLK Day as a paid state employee holiday to create.)


This is yet another example of GOP race-baiting,

A practice in which they’re forever innovating.


Oh sure, candidates will start the debate with the usual insincere sop

Before going on to discuss the low-income programs they’ll chop.


They’ll talk in barely coded messages and blow their dog whistle

And then about accusations of GOP racism bristle.


So unless there’s something I missed,

It seems to me Dr. King’s again being dissed.


The party’s aggrieved white supporters will of course take note

Forget trying for black supporters–it’s easier to just not let them vote.


Here’s what the Obamas are doing today.

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