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On His Face (or: Creating Constitution Confusion)

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Inspired by Rick Santorum’s defense of Prop 8 on Meet the Press today.

“Here you have the Ninth Circuit saying that a constitutional amendment is unconstitutional, and that’s just on its face almost absurd.” – Rick Santorum this afternoon on Meet the Press attacking the Ninth Circuit’s affirmation of Prop 8’s unconstitutionality


Dear Rick:


What you told Dave was not just almost absurd–

It was one of the most misleading things I’ve ever heard.


We’re talking about two separate constitutions here,

A fact about which you pretend to be unclear.


A state amendment can’t take a federal constitutional right away,

Which you must know even if you the opposite say.


If it could, then Massachusettscould eliminate Second Amendment rights,

Which wouldn’t go over with supporters of uninfringeable gun rights.


Federal courts are tasked with protecting theU.S.Constitution,

A fact about which you appear to be fomenting confusion.


What you said’s called conflation, and it may work with your base,

But don’t pretend that makes the decision absurdly unconstitutional on its face.


Speaking of faces, you seem to have fallen on yours

By subverting the Constitution as your base so often deplores.


Here’s Santorum this afternoon on Meet the Press. Do you agree that David Gregory should have challenged Rick on his questionable constitutional assertion? Then click here to retweet them that.

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