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Happy Birthday Bo (or, Bo Bo Bobama)

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Inspired by The First Puppy Makes a Big Splash (Washington Post 4/12/09), The Love Between the Obamas and Their Portuguese Water Dog, Bo (Colbert King, Washington Post 4/18/09), and A wag for Bo’s first year (Washington Post 4/15/10), and in honor of the First Dog’s birthday on Wednesday.

“We go out, and we’re walking, and I’m picking up the poop, and in the background is the beautifully lit White House. It’s quite a moment.” – President Obama, who walks Bo every evening
 “Only in America would the nation’s leader stoop
To pick up his own dog’s poop.”
– Newsericks, Our Great Country

Happy (belated) birthday Bo.

I’ve got a dog your age too, you know.

My dog’s also about one year old,

And funny-looking, truth be told.

But we love him anyway.

It’s pure joy to watch him play.

Buddy (that’s his name) likes the water too–

There’s a great dog park in Shirlington we take him to.

It’s really big, with a stream that runs through it.

Here are the directions if you want to go to it.

Maybe we’ll see you there someday.

After all, even the First Dog needs to play.

I know you have the Rose Garden to run around in,

But there’s no water there to splash around in.

Best of all, Shirlington’s gratis,

And not just for those with celebrity status.

(Public parks like that are another great service governments provide

When they’re with adequate revenue supplied.)

I read in the paper that your “dad” walks you at night

(That would cause quite a stir if he brought you alright).

Right after work is the best time to go

(If dad’s too busy, you can bring someone else and appear incognito).

If you go, be sure you take Glebe Road (it’s a lot faster),

And do try to bring along your “master.”

He’s been working hard lately and could use a diversion,

And this would be a nice excursion.

Maybe Benson and David Frum’s dogs could come along in addition

(After all, dogs don’t care about party affiliation).

So, how about it? Come on, it’d be fun.

Hope to see you in Shirlington.


Here’s your theme music, The Name Game by Shirley Ellis.


Here’s another applicable song (Pretty Thing), appropriately from another famous Bo, followed by the trailer most famous Bo-related movie ever. Want more Bo? Here’s a history of presidential dogs, several more books about Bo, and a Bo Beanie Baby.

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