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The Sum of All Fears

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Inspired by Collapse of Antarctic ice sheet underway (Darryl Fears, Washington Post 5/13/14 page A2).

Some climate change damage is irreversible, but there’s still a lot we can do to reduce it. 


Dear Mr. Fears:


Why are your articles always so scary?

(In some cases, very.)


From wetland loss to climate change:

Don’t you find the commonality strange?


You write almost solely about bad things taking place,

And how the world is becoming a worse and worse place.


Coastlines will be swamped, in a century, perhaps,

After the Antarctic ice sheet’s inevitable collapse.


Pythons and stink bugs are taking over the nation,

And ticks are decimating the moose population.


Bacteria are invading our beaches,

Getting into places the sun never reaches.


Our water is no longer safe to drink,

And you often find a way, multiple bad things to link.


Most of all, you write about how global warming

America and the world are transforming.


To sum up your work: We should all be afraid,

But I fear that fear will make people dismayed.


The message “abandon all hope as the end nears”

Should not be The Sum of All Fears.


Fear helps us only if our reaction

Leads us to take defensive action.


So Mr. Fears: Maybe it’d be fun

To write more about the good things being done.


You could talk about how negative effects can still be reduced,

If the right measures are introduced.


Talk about how it’s not too late,

If we use fear behavioral change to motivate,


Achievable measures can still climate effects lessen

If we from past failure to act learn the right lesson.


We can still make things better,

And if we want America to prosper, we better.


And readers: Instead of just getting demoralized and dejected,

How about we work to get more Democrats elected!


Here’s a scene from the movie that inspired our title, The Sum of All Fears. BTW, Mr. Fears: I actually appreciate your good work in raising the alarm, so keep it up. Just maybe empahsize the upside of taking action every once in a while…


Here’s an index of Fears’ articles for the past few years.

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