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Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Inspired by Campaigner in chief (Dana Milbank 5/01/12 A2) and Admit it: the Republicans are worse (Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein, Washington Post4/29/12 B1).


“The Preezy
Of the United Steezy
Is making me queasy
Because non-stop campaigning is sleazy.”
  — Dana Milbank (slightly paraphrased)


“The problem is, that he’s not like other Presidents. From the very beginning, his bona fides have been questioned, his credentials have been subject to scurrilous scrutiny, so in one sense he has to compensate for the erosion of his reputation by pointing to, simply, things that have been achieved under his own Presidency. So I think that that’s not political in the most crass oftthat word or the exploitative sense of that word, that’s political in the best sense of the word.” — Prof. Michael Eric Dyson on Martin Bashir


Dana, while I normally appreciate your stuff,

My problem with Obama’s campaigning is that he’s not doing it enough.


I too wish we didn’t live in a Citizens United world

In which every conceivable insult is at our President hurled.


I wish Republicans showed Obama the respect his office should command

Instead of constantly questioning his ability and right to command.


I wish Obama’s attempts to reach out and change the partisan rancor

Hadn’t been met with unyielding obstruction and white-hot anger.


I wish Obama didn’t need to resort to super PACs

To fend off a billion dollars in negative attacks.


But if wishes were dollars, I could fund the campaign by myself,

And the President wouldn’t have to to fundraising lower himself.


Even if you think everything Obama does is part of his reelection campaign,

There’s still a big difference between what he says and Romney’s tired refrain.


Obama is discussing actual real-life policy issues,

While Romney his straw-man attack continues.


Given right-wing PACs and the GOP’s dirty political proclivities,

Is it any wonder that Obama’s setting records for fundraising activities?


Obama needs to do twice as much as his predecessors

To have half a chance of fending off right-wing aggressors.


Maybe Obama is campaigning a lot.

But sleazy? I think not.


Here’s Prof. Dyson 5/01/12 on Martin Bashir discussing criticism of the President by Republicans for politicizing the Bin Laden anniversary. Like Prof. Dyson says (the quote is at the 3”30 mark), President Obama has been treated differently than any other President, and so has had to react differently.  And PS to Republicans: the Obama campaign is reimbursing taxpayers for any campaign portion of official trips, based on the same White House rules that Presidents of both parties have followed for decades. 

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