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Scott Walker, Texas Arranger (or: Things Don’t Go Better With Koch)

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Inspired by Scott Walker’s allegiance to out-of-state-interests, especially those from a little state called Texas. 


He’s the Governor of Wisconsin, but that’s mere chance.

Those he really represents are Big Oil and Big Finance.


Scott Walker’s true masters are not Wisconsinites,

But the Texas oil interests under whose banner he fights.


Of course, it’s also not particularly great

When the Gov’s captive to special interests from his own state.


Though their and the public’s interest are often at odds,

It’s easier for the bought politician to maintain facades.


But with out-of-state interests, there’s no such case to be made:

It’s painfully obvious by whom the bought politician is paid.


He who pays the piper calls the tunes,

In this case a bunch of Texas oil tycoons.


And Scott is their piper, their fixer, their arranger,

Hired to be the radical right’s rock star game changer.


So please, Wisconsinites, when you go to the polls,

Don’t forget who Walker’s government really controls.


Here’s the intro and theme song for our titular inspiration, Walker, Texas Ranger. Unlike Scott Walker, Chuck Norris stuck up for the underdog instead of picking on him. The eyes of the people are upon you, Scott Walker. The eyes of the people are upon you.


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