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I’s of the Beholder

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Inspired by Hardball’s report tonight on the Chuck Hagel nomination.


“I think that it’s about two I’s, Israel and Iran. The Republican base is not very happy with Hagel’s moderate, realistic positions on those issues, and so the Senators are reacting to that.” – Joe Klein tonight on Hardball


Libs like Hagel’s position on the two “I”s,

But Neocons those views despise,

Which I suppose is no surprise.


But even for those who think

Hagel’s policy views stink,

It doesn’t really matter at all:

Obama’s the one who makes the call.


Here’s Joe Klein 2/07/13 on Hardball, including footage from John McCain’s grilling of Chuck Hagel at Hagel’s Senate hearing (Michael Smerconish is subbing for Chris; Joe Klein’s quote is at the 2”20 mark).

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