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Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

A follow-up to Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (naturally), inspired by new revelations about Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s claim that Chris Christie’s crew threatened her with a reduction in Sandy aid if she didn’t greenlight a development project spearheaded by a Christie crony. Plus, I just watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 on HBO a few nights ago.


It’s the story of a bullying leader forcing opponents to bend to his will

In return for expressions of financial good will.


And if they don’t do what he wants, or they break the rules?

Slaughter them mercilessly, the fools!


Unknown to the despot, our friends have a new secret power

Which will make them much harder to overpower.


A diary, and other forms of corroboration,

Proving that she’s not the suspected abomination.


Will the bully realize that he’s got no chance and cut and run?

If not, 2016 sure will be fun!


Here’s proof: actual video of Christie and his henchmen trying to force Dawn Zimmer and other Hoboken leaders to accede to Christie’s plans.


Sorry, that was a scene from the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2. There is no actual video proof (yet), but here’s Hardball’s 1/30/14 report about the revelations today.

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