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Reparative Therapy

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

A follow-up to Crazy Like a PFOX and the rest of our “choosing gay” series, inspired by the Bachmann campaign’s efforts to distance itself from Marcus Bachmann’s anti-gay remarks and history (an ironic effort, given the richness of her own anti-gay oeuvre).

“Lord, I’m sending back to you what I can not repair, I can not repair! So, that You can fix what is broke, broken up in me!” – Gospel song He Can Fix What Is Broke

Michele Bachmann thinks she has a shot at the nomination,

So she’s trying reparative therapy on her reputation.


She’s worried being labeled anti-gay will hurt her electoral chances

(Not to mention how gay her husband dances).


But Michele has said so many anti-gay things before,

Does she really expect us to believe she doesn’t think that anymore?


Isn’t she willing to stand up for her (so-called) religious belief?

(Maybe her god’s now pro-equality, which I guess is a relief.)


Michele, it’s nice you don’t want to be seen as anti-gay (I didn’t know you cared),

But there are some things that just can’t be repaired.


(PS: The Bachmanns want us to believe they’re great humanitarians,

Even though Marcus later said it was really children he was calling barbarians.


And so what if Marcus Bachmann looks and sounds gay–

Maybe he could try praying that away.


After all, the way you look and the sound of your voice,

Is nothing but a personal lifestyle choice.)


Here’s your theme music, He Can Fix What Is Broke by the Mississippi Mass Choir. No, I’m not saying that I don’t believe religion can help a person “fix what is broke” (au contraire: I think that some honest prayer and Bible-reading might do wonders in helping the Bachmanns overcome their homophobia). But in my view, same-sex orientation can’t be “repaired” by prayer, nor does it need to be. 


Here’s Jon Stewart’s 7/13/11 report (with guest Jerry Seinfeld) about Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s anti-gay views, and Marcus’s denial that he practiced “reparative” therapy.


Here’s Stephen Colbert’s 7/12/11 report.

Here’s the full recording of Marcus Bachmann’s “barbarians” comment. He claims it’s doctored, and that anyway, he meant children are barbarians, not gays.

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