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Al Qlimada

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Inspired by All In’s report tonight on a growing national security threat. If a new extremist menace emerged that repeatedly destroyed American cities and towns,  killed thousands, and caused trillions in damage, would we do something about it?


“Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof–the smoking gun–that could come in the form of a hurricane cloud.” –- George W. Bush (slightly paraphrased)


America is under attack,

And it’s time for America to fight back.


97% of experts believe Al Qlimada is fully or partially to blame,

And that it will go stronger as our policies further reactions inflame.


People disagree what action to take, Al Qlimada growth to prevent,

And there’s often no proof Al Qlimada directly caused a particular event,


But in all cases, Al Qlimada contributed to the attack or made it more serious,

And the number and intensity of attacks is becoming more deleterious.


Some say Al Qlimada will be too difficult or expensive to defeat or resist,

And we just have to learn with Al Qlimada to coexist.


Does any of that happen to trouble you?

Then please, America, listen to W!


Here’s All In’s 6/06/13 report.

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