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March Gladness

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

 Inspired by the President’s NCAA commentary and bracket picks. 


“Both teams are shooting terribly. Maybe nerves (these are not teams that normally end up coming to the tournament), but some of this is just gonna be somebody getting a few open shots outside to open things up, ‘cause it’s real clogged in the middle.” – President Obama halftime commentary at the NCAA game last night


“I like teams with good point guards, because I think the ability to control a game, limit turnovers, I think that ends up making a difference.” – President Obama discussing his NCAA bracket picks with ESPN’s Andy Katz


Is Obama making a conscious effort to reach white working class males

To increase the likelihood that he in November prevails?


If not, then he certainly should,

So that he won’t be as misunderstood.


Hopefully, these appearances can some of the right’s propaganda offset,

Since Republicans haven’t started attacking the President’s bracket picks yet.


And another reason for the strength of Obama’s appeal:

Unlike much of the GOP posturing, this is real.


Forget about the weekly address or campaign speeches: making appearances like this is one of the best and most productive things Obama can do to reach white male working class voters.

Why? White working class voters may not know enough to make an independent judgement about who’s right on Iran or the economy and are therefore vulnerable to the blandishments and anti-Obama propaganda of the right-wing echo chamber. However, they do know basketball, which means that appearances like this give the President an unfiltered chance to show those voters that:

1)       Obama knows what he’s talking about on basketball (and hence by inference, on Iran, the economy, and other issues);

2)       Obama is not the foreign anti-American “other” that Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber portrays him as; he’s just a regular guy, and a pretty nice one at that; and

3)       Even where the voter in question doesn’t completely agree with the President’s NCAA analysis, he (and it will in this case usually be a “he”) can at least see the logic behind them and perhaps even agree with parts of the analysis; this openness will hopefully then carry over to the voter’s consideration of the President’s policy agenda, as opposed to the right-wing echo chamber’s reflexive “Obama can’t do anything right” approach. 

I’m sure the President’s reelection team has already thought of all this, but if not, by all means, go for it. And Mr. President: Let’s hear more March Madness analysis.


Here’s President Obama’s court-side halftime commentary (with British PM David Cameron at his side) the game in Dayton last night.

Here are the President’s bracket picks.

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