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Trickle Down Equal Pay

Monday, June 4th, 2012


Inspired by the continued GOP opposition to fair pay for women  (click here to sign the National Women’s Law Center petition to ask your Senator to vote in support of it tomorrow).




In the Republican Party’s defense,

Their opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act makes perfect sense.


Republicans are just being insistent

That their economic policy be consistent.


It’s all part of their trickle-down economics plan,

And of course the one doing the trickling is a man.


So ladies, if you’re getting 77 cents on the dollar, don’t be upset:

The rest of your money just hasn’t trickled down yet.


Here’s Rev. Al’s 6/04/12 report on GOP opposition to the Paycheck Fairness Act, including an interview with the inestimable Barbara Boxer (D-CA).


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