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Feeling Their Pain

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

A follow-up to Hitting Bottom, inspired by Mitt Romney Talks With Florida Foreclosure Victims (Huffington Post 1/23/12), Mitt Romney: ‘The Banks Aren’t Bad People’ (Huffington Post1/24/12).


“The banks are scared to death, of course, because they think they’re going to go out of business. They’re afraid that if they write all these loans off, they’re going to go broke. And so they’re feeling the same thing you’re feeling. They just want to pretend all of this is going to get paid someday so they don’t have to write it off and potentially go out of business themselves.” – Mitt Romney 1/23/12 at foreclosure round table in Tampa, FL


“Well, the banks aren’t bad people. They’re just overwhelmed right now.” – Mitt Romney 1/24/12 to foreclosure victims in Lehigh Acres, FL


Banks are corporations, and hence people too.

Mitt cares about them, but does he care about you?


Those poor suffering banks – Mitt feels their pain–

It must be because of his experience at Bain.


But did he feel the pain of all those people he fired,

Or those whose pensions and healthcare he took away after they retired?


It’s natural to have sympathy for people you like, and who are like you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Mitt had sympathy for me and you?


Here’s Mitt1/24/12 in Lehigh Acres, FL.

Here’s Rachel’s 1/25/12 report (including video of both Romney statements) and subsequent discussion with Salon’s Steve Kornacki.

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