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Wu Who?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Inspired by Rep. David Wu plans to resign (Washington Post7/27/11).


Many Dems are asking themselves Wu who,

While Republicans are just exclaiming woo-hoo.


They’re happy whenever Dems have sex scandals,

And especially when one the fallout mishandles.


It distracts attention away from mistakes Repubs are making

And the abusive liberties Republican politicians are taking.


I personally had never heard of David Wu before,

And now I’d prefer not to hear of him anymore.


But though what he’s accused of leaves me sickly,

At least he’s doing the right thing, and doing it quickly.


PS: One thing that the Wu and Weiner cases did have in common (besides party affiliation and the first letter of their last names) was the embarassing pictures. I’m not sure what’s prurient about a tiger costume (especially compared to Weiner’s more graphic pics), unless there’s something going on there we don’t know about, but it is bizarre.

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