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Charge of the Right Brigade (That’s “Right” as in Correct, This Time)

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

A follow-up to Self-Pity Party, inspired by Bipartisan group pushes for solution (Washington Post 11/03/11).

“You’ll cut them down before they cross the valley… What a tactical blunder! The fools—they ride into certain death.” – His Excellency in the 1936 classic Charge of the Light Brigade


Into the Valley of  Death rode the one hundred,

And as they charged their hoof beats thundered.

Norquist to the right and AARP to the left of them,

Forward rode the brave 40 House Repubs (and 60 Dem).


In the Senate, 11 Republicans joined in the charge,

Their constitutional responsibility to discharge.

They refused to sign a letter re-pledging their devotion

To He Who Lives By Endless Self Promotion.


They ride against an enemy deeply entrenched,

So that our growing deficits might be retrenched.

They ride against an enemy who refuses to be moved

To see if the smaller trigger deal can be improved.


Will their charge be as ineffectual as its poetic antecedent?

Will they have sacrificed themselves when they needn’t?

Yes, it’s true, they’re taking political risks,

But such is the stuff of which heroism consists.


Here’s the cavalry charge scene from the movie adaptation (starring Errol Flynn) Charge of the Light Brigade (or click here to read that and other Tennyson poems). Don’t you agree that there’s an uncanny resemblance (in more than just appearance) between “His Excellency” Surat Khan and Grover Norquist? And notice how His Excellency isn’t smiling quite as much at the end… (BTW, it was the use of trip wires during filming of this scene to make the horses fall, result in the death of 25 of them, that prompted Congress to act to make that kind of animal cruelty illegal.)


Here’s The Last Word’s 11/03/11 report on the brave (and perhaps politically suicidal) Republicans (Lawrence also talks about Boehner’s “random person” comment).


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