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Friday, November 12th, 2010

A follow-up to my earlier pieces on the subject, inspired by Lockdown causes radio host to quit US House job ( 11/11/10) and Rachel’s report below.

“I want everyone to understand, especially the people on the understand very simply, is that you will continue to fight them on your battlefields and your voice there. I will fight them on the battlefield in Washington D.C. And we’ll meet them in the middle after we soundly defeat them both. What they need to understand now is that I’m even more committed, even more focused on makin‘ sure that this liberal, progressive socialist agenda, this left-wing vile, vicious, despicalbe machine that is out there is soundly brought to its knees, and that’s my commitment to you.“ – Congressman-elect Allen West yesterday on the Joyce Kaufman Show
“What they’re trying to do is bring down West. I will not be complicit in this effort to diminish his stature in attacks against me or endanger myself or others by serving as his chief.” – Joyce Kaufman citing her reason for withdrawing as Congressman-elect West’s chief of staff

Shock jock Joyce Kaufman is not coming to DC,

Possibly in part thanks to me.

But even if my blog posts about her didn’t play a role,

I’m glad that DC will have to put up with one less right wing troll.

It would have been nice if Ms. Kaufman’s resignation

Was in recognition of the harm she would have done the nation.

It would be nice if she thereby admitted

The mistakes that she’d committed.

But Joyce didn’t seem of the consequences of her invective to be aware,

Or maybe she is, but just doesn’t care.

Either way, she blames the threatened school assault

On liberal conspiracy (the standard far right response by default).

So she and all the other haters

Are victims, not instigators.

I’m sure Joyce will be in the national news again,

But she’s out for now, so until then…

The bad news is she (for now) still has her public airways voice.

But she’s not coming to DC, so we can at least for that



Here’s Rachel’s 11/12/10 report about Joyce Kaufman’s withdrawl as Congressman-elect West’s chief of staff.


Update 11/15/10: Here’s Rachels update on Congressman-elect West’s re-commitment to his and Joyce’s principles.


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