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Humankind (or, Be Excellent to Each Other)

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Inspired by the coming holiday.

Whether actual or metaphorical,

Real or allegorical,

Family is what’s important in life.

Daughter, son, husband, wife,

Father, mother, sister, brother:

Human beings should be kind to each other.

And not just during the Christmas season.

After all, it’s called “humankind” for a reason.


The extended title is of course inspired by the tag line in that excellent movie (I’m not kidding—I really thought it was, and it had a good message), Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The sequel is not quite as good, but definitely still worth watching, and it rounds out the story nicely (or if you want both, save money with this double feature). Check them out in our Amazon Store. Here’s the scene from the movie.

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