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Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Inspired by Newtown shooting prompts cancellation of some gun shows (AP via Washington Post 1/06/13, page A4). The organizer of next week’s gun show in Saratoga Springs, New York said that theirs is a “family-oriented” event. Sadly, he’s all too correct.



“[We are] a nice clean family-oriented arms fair.” — David Petronis, organizer for next week’s gun show in Saratoga Springs, New York



Gun buyers at Saratoga Springs next week should remember,

A gun in your home is most likely to be oriented at a family member.



Sadly, Mr. Petronis, you are correct,

And we have to do something, that situation to correct.


In fairness to Mr. Petronis, his gun show next week in Saratoga Springs next week require background checks, as New York law requires. Making that requirement universal is a big part of the gun safety battle, but another big part is educating gun owners and prospective gun owners is in to make them think hard about the nature of gun violence, and the brutal truth that a gun in the home is more likely to be used on a family member than against an intruder. We need public education to get that point across (especially given the constant fear-based NRA propaganda that owning a gun will make you safer), and gun buyback programs to encourage people to give up their unnecessary guns. For those who chose to keep their guns, we need public education to encourage safe firearm storage. (I prefer laws requiring gun locks, gun safes, or other such safety measures, but in their absence, public education can help too. It can also increase public acceptance of the need for safe gun storage laws.)

Here‘s MSNBC’s 12/27/12 report on a gun buyback program held in LA not long after the Newtown massacre. Several of the gun owners interviewed during the program said that they were motivated to give up their guns because they actually made them less, not more, safe.

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