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Unfair and Unbalanced

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Glenn Beck is unarguably unfair, unabashedly unbalanced, and definitely dangerous. But is his insanity for real, or is it an act? Watch the videos below and decide.

Is Glenn Beck mentally unbalanced?

Let’s look at the evidence.

I think there’s plenty of proof presented

In the following videoed events.

There’s no question he’s unfair,

So I won’t bother discussing that point.

After all, he is on Fox,

And they don’t want viewers to disappoint.

But is he actually crazy?

That’s a subject of debate.

Some think he’s just acting for the ratings

That his ranting helps create.

There is indeed some evidence

That Glenn makes use of tricks.

For example, there’s the video of Glenn fake crying

After applying Vick’s.

Of course, when accused of faking,

Glenn has consistently denied.

But like Fox says:

We report, you decide.

One thing’s for sure,

He’s dangerous.

And probably a little less balanced

Than the rest of us.


Here’s Glenn crying on camera during an emotional call for support of his 9-12 Project.

Here’s Glenn berating a caller (if this isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is).

On the other side of the debate, here’s Glenn caught using Vick’s Vapor Rub to make himself cry (he even says “I think my eyes are getting used to it”).

Here’s a piece from the Young Turks about how dangerous Glenn is.

Finally, here’s Stephen Colbert’s discussion of whether Glenn Beck is crazy or faking, featuring Glenn’s protest that he’s not acting, or that if it is, he deserves a daytime Emmy for being such a great actor (a daytime Emmy – that’s setting your sights pretty high).

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And here’s your theme music for today, Brain Damage by Pink Floyd. For some reason it always makes me think of Glenn when I hear it.

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