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The Grudge 2

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

A follow-up to The Grudge, inspired by Same Clinton, new campaign (Ruth Marcus) and Vintage Clinton on display (Jennifer Rubin) (both Washington Post 9/17/14 page A17).



One thing I like about Hillary

Is she knows how to hold a grudge.

Republicans generally need

Just that kind of nudge.


Even Dems sometimes require

The threat of political pain

In order to get them to legislate

For the public gain.


The history of political cudgels

Is more than ample,

But Hillary and Bill

Follow LBJ’s example.


LBJ was the grandmaster

Of passing legislation,

Through judicious threat and use

Of political retaliation.


Obama is too nice a guy

To bend Congress to his will.

But if (when) she’s elected,

I hope that Hillary will.


Here’s a trailer for the movie that inspired our title. While Hillary may hold a grudge (maybe that’s why she scares Republicans so much), at least she doesn’t engage in the escalating group-based politics of destruction like Republicans do.

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