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Burning Bridges

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

A follow-up to The Wrong Lesson, on how Bridgegate is just par for the course for today’s GOP.


Bridgegate is the Republican Party

In microcosm:

They don’t just not solve problems,

They cause ‘em.


Christie and/or his henchmen

Hurt the public on purpose

For a selfish and vengeful

Political purpose.


That’s what the whole RepublicanParty

Has been doing since Jan. 2009,

Hurting America and seeking

The blame to Obama to assign.


(In a move that’s par for the course

For the GOP,

Christie similarly tried to blame

The lane closures on Fort Lee.)


The Republican Party

And its Teabagger Revolution

Never forgave Obama for winning

And sought retribution.


They did everything they could

To cause America pain

For their own selfish and vengeful

Political gain.


2010 taught them the wrong lesson,

And they have wrongly learned it:

They didn’t just close the bridge,

They downright burned it.


So don’t reward Republicans

For being mean

Vote Democratic

In 2014.


Please, America,

Don’t let 2010

Happen to us

All over again.


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