Surrey With a Fringe On Top

November 27th, 2012

Inspired by Why Obama Won and Romney Lost: An Epitaph for the Horse and Buggy Party  (LA Steel 11/08/12) and Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart’s appearance today on Now.  


“The problem is, how do you bring the fringe of the Republican Party into immigration reform? And you know what? This whoopin’ that the Republicans got from the Latino electorate is gonna help them realize that they have to take some steps.” — Jose Diaz-Balart today on Now
“There ain’t no such rig. Why’d you come around here with your stories and your lies and getting’ me all worked up that way?” — Laurey Williams


In the 2012 campaign, Dems drove a Ferrari, and Repubs a buggy,

And their voter turnout software turned out to be a little buggy.


But the crux upon which the election would ultimately hinge

Was the extremist and hateful GOP fringe.


Offering rides in an imaginary fringed surrey

Used to be enough, voters’ favor to curry.


But this time the GOP’s “traditional” priorities

Alienated too many women and minorities.


“Our policies aren’t the problem,” they tell themselves now:

We just need to improve our messaging somehow.”


“Maybe we’ll just bring out the fringe on special occasions,

Like when visiting Religious Rightists and Old Male Caucasians.”


Yes, I know you wish it’d go on forever,

But the white supermajority isn’t coming back, ever.


And while Repubs may have intended that fringe to be just ornamental,

It’s effect on the Republican Party and country has been quite detrimental.


When an ornamental feature stops making you look good,

There’s only one thing to do, and do it you should:


Cut off that fringe and replace it with something more contemporary,

Or your role as a major party will become increasingly temporary.


Here’s Jose today on Now (the quote is at the 4”30 mark). And in answer to your question,Jose: There is no way to “bring in” the fringe. They’ll continue to hang out there on the edge until the GOP cuts that fringe off.

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Here’s your theme music and the inspiration for our title, the song Surrey  With a Fringe on Top from the musical Oklahoma. And like in the movie, the imaginary surrey that seemed so nice 100 years ago (the movie takes place in 1906) isn’t quite as useful or attractive now. (NB: Check out Inhofe’s Igloo for more Oklahoma.)

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